Friday, December 4, 2009

I Question Laugh at the Timing

Behold, the January 2010 cover of Golf Digest!

Here's the first tip:

"Whatever else you may do, Barry, don't cheat on Michelle."


Anonymous said...

Wonder who has the bigger pre-nup.

The consensus in the office is that Tiger won't lose any endorsements, except maybe his wife. All he needs to do is follow the Kobe strategy at Tiffany's. I'll bet his wife likes big rocks. Really big rocks.

Deborah Leigh

Paco said...

I'll bet she does, too. De Beers ought to see a spike in its fourth quarter earnings.

JeffS said...

Caption contest!

"OK, Barack, I'll look over your shoulder like Michelle does, just so you don't feel unwanted."

kc said...

"Whatever else you may do, Barry, don't cheat on Michelle."

"Cuz Elin only whacked me upside the head - Michelle's more likely to whack 'em OFF."

Yojimbo said...

Hey, maybe I can offset my buggy-whip futures losses by going long De Beers. Thanks Paco!

Don't forget Tiffanys. Directions to Tiger's house for the post-nup party.

"Take the first right into the compound after the guardhouse. It's the big blue house on the right. You can't miss it. Just pull the bow and the gemologist will take your hat and coat before parking the limo."

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else amazed that Obama wears a hat with his OWN logo, rather than a USA cap logo or a presidential logo???

richard mcenroe said...

Has anybody showed that cover to Andy Sullivan? Or Chrissy Tingles?