Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Non-Euclidian Deficit-fighting from the White House

In an attempt to provide a payoff to unions, Obama intends to force contractors to boost the number of unionized workers on federal projects through the use of "project labor agreements".

The inevitable result will be higher costs for government-funded construction and a drag on employment gains. Whether this bone is sufficient to make up for the failure to deliver on Card Check remains to be seen. It probably isn't, but it at least represents a down-payment on Obama's obligations to organized labor.


JeffS said...

Adding huge amounts of administrative costs to a government contract, which are already overburdened with administrative costs?

Oh, yeah, that'll work.

Paco said...

What could possibly go wrong?

Yojimbo said...

They'll need more government workers to oversee this so it's jobs created. That will generate more tax revenue so they can use that same tax dollar to both extend the life of medicare AND lower the deficit.

Your just not seeing the big picture. It's a vision thing.

Paco said...

Hmm. Must be that astigmatism I've always had.