Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shocking, Counter-Intuitive Phenomenon!

As gun sales have skyrocketed, violent crime has declined (H/T: Ed Driscoll).

But, but, but...I thought an armed citizenry - all those angry gun-clingers - were supposed to represent a threat of increased violence? You mean the president of these United States was...wrong? Why, it's enough to give me the vapors! I'd better go lie down for a while with an ice pack on my head.


JeffS said...

It looks like perhaps liberals need to get their facts straight.

On many many many subjects.

BTW, didja check out her picture at the top of the page? WOOT! Man, she has an automatic with a laser sight. What a babe.

Paco said...

Guns and oomph. It's a powerful combo.

Yojimbo said...

Not exactly man bites dog territory is it. Makes too much sense for nuance nation to get their pointy heads around.

Now you know why hard liquor and handgun nites at the local ballparks are so much fun!:)