Sunday, December 27, 2009

So, is Kerry still going to Iran?

It was a bad idea when it was first floated, and would be an even worse idea now. A new round of violent protests has broken out in Tehran, resulting in the death of, among others, the nephew of opposition leader Mousavi. There was also a dramatic attempt to free two men condemned to hang ( Gateway Pundit has a series of must-read reports).

Obama’s sniffish disdain for pro-Democracy movements is a recipe for the consolidation of tyrannical regimes abroad and we can only hope that he wakes up one day soon and smells the smoke billowing out of his smoldering foreign policy.

Update: Much more from the brilliant Charles Krauthammer.


richard mcenroe said...

Obama has smelled the smoke of Ground Zero. It had no effect on his impenetrable foreign polichy or his implacable self-involvement.

JeffS said...

John Effin' Kerry going to Iran will work like his trip to Paris during the Vietnam peace negotiations.

Only this time, a lot more people will die. A lot more.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kerry can take the place of the hikers. Unfortunately, Kerry won't go. He can't stand real combat.

Deborah Leigh

SwampWoman said...

When told by the Iranian government that "the peasants are revolting", John Kerry sniffed haughtily and replied that the middle class are rather disgusting as well.