Monday, February 15, 2010

From the Inbox

Miss Red Muses links to this item about a guy who was a Marxist in college and who knew somebody else who held the same beliefs - a fellow who now happens to occupy the White House.

Little Miss Attila links to a fine tribute to Peter Gunn (I used to watch it when I was a kid; great detective show and a killer soundtrack!) H/T: Smitty


mojo said...

And then there was "Secret Agent", aka "Danger Man"...

Yojimbo said...

Secret Agent! Oh, piffle posh.

Couldn't hold a candle to the weekly intrigue, international and otherwise, of such shows as Surfside 6 and Hawaiian Eye, for goodness sakes. And don't forget 77 Sunset Strip. Out of that bubbling caldron came a crack FBI agent, a guy who married a not too bad looking actress(whoa!) and a guy with an internationally recognized comb.

Ya watched Peter Gunn as a kid and missed Lola Albright!