Monday, February 22, 2010

The Real Steal Deal

The president has finally unveiled his own health care proposal, and perhaps the most notable thing about it, aside from its enormous cost, is the inclusion of price controls on insurance company premiums.

Eureka! Price controls! Hey, I bet nobody else in the history of the United States ever thought of that!

Allah Pundit has the details, and the inside baseball strategy, on this bill. The health care “summit” coming up this Thursday looks to be a complete joke (“Hey, how about if all you Republican senators meet with me and we can discuss why you’re against health care reform, before a national audience”). I think the Republicans should have just said, “Thanks, but no, thanks”, and issued a statement blistering both the dishonesty of the summit idea and the half dozen most noxious features of the president’s proposal.

Meanwhile, Marc Thiessen says, meet the real obstructionist.

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kc said...

You guys sift through so you can update me AFTER the summit, 'k? I have an appointment with the Roto-Rooter man that day...which seems kinda fitting, in some sick, twisted way...

TW; uphilmi - sorry, ain't no hills in NEFL so mi stay right here