Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Funny

(From the folks at Very Demotivational.)

Update: President Obama asks the Dalai Lama to do him a favor on his way out of the White House.

"So, bottles and cans over there, newspapers over here, right?"

(Photo gratefully swiped from The Camp of the Saints)


El Campeador said...

LMAO...Most excellent.

Ahh Ya! Me like this one.


What one winds up in, after kissing a tree doing 90.

bruce said...

Isn't that the Wicked Witch disappearing under that tarpaulin?

Paco said...

Whoa, Bruce, you're right!

Yojimbo said...

Maybe they're just looking for Scott Ritter.

Anonymous said...

It is clear, Obama was bowimg to the Chinese. He'll save the formal kowtow for later. In the meantime, the Dalai Lama took it in the usual stride..."I'm astonished! They recycle!"

Deborah Leigh

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but does anybody know where Wronwright is? He's too careless driving the Tardis. I think the cover of some of our VRWC projects has been blown.
Michael Lonie

"In revealing these secret Mars colony plans, Ms. Eisenhower and Ki’ Lia have emerged to join a growing cadre of independent whistle blowers disclosing secret technologies and extraterrestrial-related covert operations of U.S. military-intelligence agencies and corporate entities.

The revelations of Ms. Eisenhower and Ki’ Lia corroborate independent whistle blower revelations made by lawyer Andrew D. Basiago of covert U.S. government surveillance of political persons of interest using secret time travel technology. Their allegations are also consistent with disclosures made by Mr. Basiago that twice in 1981 he teleported from a CIA facility in El Segundo, CA to a secret U.S. base on Mars, first by himself, and then a second time in the company of CIA agent Courtney M. Hunt."

Bob Belvedere said...

You may swipe off me anytime as long as you keep coming up with those witty captions.