Friday, April 23, 2010

Dunk Brooks Day

Jennifer Rubin - one of my favorite bloggers - writes with stylish good humor and keen insight, and her civility, even under provocation, is enviable. That's why, when she ripped David Brooks' living heart from his chest and pressed the still-beating organ into his pasty white hand, I can almost imagine him smiling weakly and saying "thanks" just before he expired.


JeffS said...

Brooks wasn't "dunked", he was filleted, seasoned, grilled, and served up for dinner.

"History happened", my achin', dyin' a$$.

Anonymous said...

I admit that I nearly choked laughing when I read Brooks' assertion that Obama had staffed his administration with "brilliant pragmatists" whose views overlapped with his and thought, there you go: Self-delusion happens.


RebeccaH said...

Brooks doesn't dare name Obama as the catalyst for "growing big government". He knows full well his fellow travelers would declare him one of the bitter, Bible-clinging, gun-toters, and tar him with the racist brush. Sharks and piranhas have nothing on the Democrats, when it comes to feeding frenzies.