Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snort Newsworthy

Charlie Crisp Crist is running as an independent. The reaction was immediate and overwhelming.


JP said...

Charlie Crisp. Love it.

and oh so true

JeffS said...

What a self-centered creep. He must imagine himself as another Joe Lieberman.

Instead, he comes across as another Arlen Specter.

Sorry, Charlie, but you're an a$$.

RebeccaH said...

Lots of nervous nellies running their fingers around the inside of the collars before deciding to jump ship these days. It's pretty entertaining, actually.

Carol said...

Crispy's problem is that he is so vain he doesn't realize that he is worse off running (and losing) as an Independent.

Makes me wonder how many bad breakups the NRSC has to go through before they start picking their life partners a little more carefully.

yojimbo said...

Crisp always looked like an aluminum siding salesman to me.

Insert the usual "Apologies to aluminum siding salesman everywhere" right about here.

Brett L said...

Yeah. Not many people here in FL mistaking this for a "principled" move... except the newspaper editorial pages, but their job is to sell more newspapers. Now that Jeb is no longer constrained by the 11th Commandment, I expect the bombs to start falling.

Anonymous said...

Brett, I got a very nice letter from Jeb the other day, asking me to vote for and contribute to Marco Rubio. He coulda saved postage - as SwampWoman mentioned on her post - - at A1A South - I wouldn't vote for Crisp even if I was paid to do so.

Why does the word 'fop' come to mind when I see Crist's name anywhere? Ah, here's the answer, at (fŏp) n. A man who is preoccupied with and often vain about his clothes and manners; a dandy.

[Middle English, fool; probably akin to Middle English fob, trickster, cheat; see fob2.]