Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nashville: Wet But Defiant

Confederate Yankee has a nice tribute to Nashville, and some reflections on the disgracefully under-reported floods.

Michelle Malkin shows how you can help.


Nashville Beat said...

As my screen name suggests, I am from Nashville, where I served on the police department for a number of years. I have already given fervent thanks to God that none of my friends were injured or suffered irreparable damage, but many were not so fortunate. I get a lump in my throat viewing the photos of the devastation of places I know all too well. I hope anyone who can will help in any small way possible.

It will be appreciated and it will be put to good use. Today, I live not too far from the Paco Command Center, but I have kept closely connected with the community that I still feel is my home. I know the people of Nashville well, as you might imagine, and I have never been prouder to be a Nashvillian.

Paco said...

Our prayers certainly go up for the good people of Nashville.

Anonymous said...

Thirty people die and not one peep from Barry and his Progressive friends. Where were all the Hollywood types who were all over Haiti? No link at the White House site, but there is for Haiti!

John Rich of country superstar duo Big and Rich has a song dedicated to Nashville at his site. Rush played it this morning. Donations should be flowing.

Deborah Leigh