Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday Funnies

Arizona has a message for L.A.

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What'll you have?

H/T: Don Surber


Yojimbo said...

Sarah Palin is teaming up with Governor Brewer on a counter movement to combat the thrust from the left. They intend to, horrors, get the truth out about SB1070. There is nothing worse than the light of day to cockroaches. Keep the faith.

Of course non-whippersnappers would answer Pabst Blue Ribbon to your question.:)

Yojimbo said...

Addendum starts about here.

They have a website for this now.

Features a petition and text of the law plus the amnedment.

RebeccaH said...

I've been to Arizona and have seen those saguaros, and they are a feisty bunch.

Now I understand San Diego is shaking in its collective boots and groveling before Arizona at the prospect of losing millions in Arizona tourist dollars.

As somebody famous said, "Words have meaning."

bruce said...

Re Secure the Borders, I read that Arizona had 300 plus kidnappings last year.

For anyone from Southern America, where extortion kidnapping is a huge problem threatening the basis of society, that figure alone is extremely alarming and a sign that the US side is slipping into the anarchy South of the border.

No one, least of all illegal fortune-seekers want this. Why go to the US if it's controlled by the same gangsters making your life hell in the South?

Secure Borders is better for everyone, including illegals!

We should demand true compassion for immigrants - which is based on secure borders - not the appeasement of thugs and gangsters!

Anonymous said...

The line has been boldly drawn by Governor Jan Brewer. On one side are those that respect the law, value sovereignty, life, and who are finally fed up with the government's lack of response. This is in stark contrast to the other side.

It is perplexing why the Mexican's are so fiercely defensive of a country that has done so little, and treats them so poorly.

It is puzzling that conservative pundits haven't shown the specific language outlawing profiling. Maybe we need to carry a few copies of the bill to give out.

A co-worker sent a cartoon of Obama being stopped at the Arizona border, and asked for his birth certificate.

Deborah Leigh