Friday, May 7, 2010

We still need the oil

Little Miss Attila has some shrewd observations on offshore drilling.


RebeccaH said...

From the beginning, I looked on this Gulf spill as the oil equivalent of Three Mile Island, in which a nuclear accident which killed not a single human being, nor impacted the environment in any significant way, nevertheless killed off the nuclear energy movement. If we let this serious, but non-crisis oil spill stop the movement to exploit our reserves, then we might as well get down on our knees now and kiss the be-ringed hand of whatever gold-braided despot who chooses to mash our faces in the mud.

Paco said...

Spot on, Rebecca.

bingbing said...

One thing but. Last time oil prices shot through the roof, it had nothing to do with supply and demand. It was the fact that a barrell of oil was being sold and re-sold 30 odd times before hitting the market.

That said, any move that gives less money to OPEC (and Chavez) is a very good thing.