Thursday, May 6, 2010

What is it about San Francisco?

From Gateway Pundit, “[f]our students in the San Francisco area were sent home from school yesterday for wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo.”

Here’s a news flash for you hyper-sensitive diversity types: Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated as a national holiday in Mexico. It commemorates an 1862 military victory of the Mexicans over the freakin’ French, for crying out loud, and it was only a temporary setback for French forces, which went on to occupy Mexico City anyway. It is only in the United States that this day is widely taken notice of, and it has been artificially puffed up to celebrate the Mexican heritage, primarily among immigrants (legal and otherwise).

In any event, there’s something very definitely wrong about compelling students to suppress their displays of the American flag for fear of offending their Hispanic schoolmates. We are one nation, not two overlapping nations contesting the same geographical area (or rather, increasingly we do seem to be the latter, but we need to find a way of reversing the process).


JP said...

Save your breath Paco. You would spen HOURS filling in ALL the details.

Ahh, first there was earth and then...

smitty1e said...

I'd like to pick up JP's idea, if that's OK.

"In the beginning, God said: 'Let there be light.' And there was light.

Then this jackass came along and said: 'In the name of Progress, let there be not-light.' Darkness and confusion poured forth across the land.

Then spake the jackass unto the people and saith: 'I blame Bush for this unexpected turn of events.'"

prairiecat55kc said...

Previous posts are EXACTLY why I love this place so much.

JP said...

Ahh! A Barney Frank word.


Spittle flying pronounciation of vehicles whizzing to and fro.

Trappec was awful today.

Where was I? OH yeah. Just completed a masterpiece of dining. Yep. Coke (the drink people) and salted peanuts. God, the good old days, dropping said peanuts, into that little opening on the bottle of a cold Coke.

BUT, I do have a dilemma.

Shall I try Pepsi and salted peanuts?

Pepsi, with their logo, that Team Obama pilfered to make, believe it or not, a shoot off of a Coke slogan.

"Around The Corner From Anywhere, At The Little Red Sign"

Bob Belvedere said...

Well put Paco. But, sadly, your words are in's now official: Welcome To The New Balkans