Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Did Al Gore invite masseuse to fondle his sea bass and two hush puppies?

According to Byron York, this story is sounding more and more credible. I was particularly amused by this bit:
The accuser said Gore maneuvered her into the bedroom. His iPod docking station was there, he told her, and he wanted her to listen to "Dear Mr. President," a lachrymose attack on George W. Bush by the singer Pink.
So, Al wanted her to see his “iPod docking station”, eh? Is that a new spin on “etchings”? I once referred to Al Gore as the Aimee Semple McPherson of the global warming religion; the analogy is now perfect.

It's possible, of course, that this story may turn out to be bogus, but if so, it's the most brilliantly imagined, realistic fiction I've read in quite a while.

By the way, for those unfamiliar with the sea bass reference, you can read about it here.

(Big H/T to James Board).


Anonymous said...

AlGore is a pig, has always been a pig, and continues to be a pig. Like attracts like, he's a product of the same Washington, D.C. that gave Teddy (BillyBoy, The Kleagle, and Barney) a position of power for so long.

I've been told I give a credible neck/shoulder/foot rub. I know professionals who do EXACTLY what this woman does for a living. I could never do it because those to whom I minister are people I know and like fairly well. Doing any of that - and more - with some fat/old/hairy/drunk/obnoxious stranger? Not a chance in anyone's version of Hell.

BTW, my apologies to the barnyard animal.

Old Retired Petty Officer said...

Too much in love with Gaia to want a mere human.

bingbing said...

"Gore 'angrily raged' and 'bellowed' at her...


There's even a re-enactment clip out there.