Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Edward M. Philby

More details on Ted Kennedy’s relationship with the Soviet Union.

If there was ever a more thorough-going scoundrel than Ted Kennedy in modern American politics, I am at a loss to imagine who it might be (although Barry may be closing in).


JeffS said...

I suspect that Ted Kennedy shares one common trait with many other American traitors: bitterness.

A lot of people turn their coats for money, that's true. But even many of those (at least, those that have been caught and interrogated), started out because they felt "the system" failed them somehow. A delayed promotion, no rewards or other recognition, or perhaps a feeling that their abilities were not being used to their full potential. In the end, these traitors acted as they did because they believed they were victims of injustice, and sought retribution.

This was part of a briefing I received for something known as "SAEDA": "Sabotage And Espionage Directed against the Army." The intent was to show how disgruntled personnel are not your friends. For various reasons, I believe it to be a valid observation.

In Ted Kennedy's case, his bitterness was most likely over the fact when he "...drove his Oldsmobile off a bridge into a Martha's Vineyard pond, dooming 28-year-old Kopechne, who drowned, and killing his chances of ever becoming President."

In other words, America suffered from a 40 year tantrum by Ted Kennedy after he was rightly denied the Presidency for being a drunken bum and sex maniac.

If "tantrum" is the right word for someone who actively plotted against his own country, that is.

Paco said...

Very well put, Jeff.

cac said...

Interestingly enough both also had very high profile Nazi sympathising fathers. On balance, Joe Kennedy was a more appalling character than St John Philby but I think Kim Philby has to get a points win over Ted Kennedy, despite the latter's valiant attempt to win the title.

RebeccaH said...

Useful idiots abound, or in Dead Ted's case, a useful drunk.

Paco said...

cac: You're sure right about Joe Kennedy. An absolutely horrible man.

JeffS said...

Add in the fact that the Kennedy fortune was "earned" by exploiting the stupidity of the Prohibition era, and Joe Kennedy should never have been allowed to breed.

Anonymous said...

Too bad "the lion of the Senate" isn't around to receive the judgement in this realm as a preview for what I hope was bestowed on him in the next.

Sure wish this would have come to light in the days when he was receiving accolades from the Left. No doubt he would have received higher honors. Since there are schools with portraits of Che on campus, it is only fitting in this upside down world that Teddy Traitor be immortalized.

May he rot in Hell.

Deborah Leigh