Wednesday, June 23, 2010

General McChrystal

Just about all has been said of General McChrystal that there is to say. I commend him for his service and wish him well. I hope the president at least has sufficient intelligence to employ him in a useful capacity.

And the very best of luck to General Petraeus. As long as America keeps producing people like him, perhaps we can yet survive the occasional advent of appalling parvenus like Barack Obama.

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Gary from Jersey said...

Let's see. O fires Petraeus for being too close to Bush and for having the gall to know how to win the war. Then he hires McChrystal, a known lib, who pretty much disarms his troops.

So McChrystal and his staff finally wise up the The Annointed One (PBUH) and star cracking wise. O fires him and hires Petraeus. Anything makes sense these days.