Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey, maybe Bill Ayers isn’t just old news

Barry’s old pal Bill Ayers is in the spotlight again in his capacity as one of the organizers of the Free Gaza Movement, which – Surprise! – sponsored the flotilla of recent ill-fame.

This is one reason why Obama’s “former” radical associations were perfectly valid concerns during the election (and are valid now). It is becoming increasingly obvious that his hostility toward Israel represents an attitude of long standing, and he undoubtedly had considerable help (as he has in practically every other aspect of his life) in crystallizing his views on this issue. And it is even possible that Obama contributed indirectly to the flotilla fiasco (see here and here).

Kinda makes you wonder if those National Guard troops Obama’s sending to Arizona are armed with something like this.


RebeccaH said...

Yawanna believe Obama is just a naive, undereducated dupe of hard-core communo/socialist ideologues steeped in Chicago hardball. Yawanna believe that.

I think we're idiots if we do. This is a true believer in what we used to call communism, and if we don't get rid of him in 2012 (provided we last that long), then America as we knew it is history.

Merilyn said...

.......and didn't a certain Sarah Palin want to know more of the background of the friendship between Bill Ayers and Obama before the election, and wasn't she howled down by certain media groups?
Hmmmm, looks like she was right.

JP said...

From what I gather the guardsmen and women will need just two items, one of these and one of these

Paco said...