Thursday, June 24, 2010

Liberals DISCLOSE their contempt for the First Amendment

Congressional Democrats (joined by two Republicans - Remember 'em! - Joe Cao and Mike Castle) passed the so-called DISCLOSE bill, which, as AllahPundit points out, appears to impose onerous new requirements on (primarily) conservative and business groups that pay for political ads.

This one's so bad, even the ACLU opposed it. The NRA, to its discredit, agreed to remain officially silent on the bill, in exchange for being exempted. Nice goin', guys! How long do you think you'll be able to keep the Second Amendment if the First is gutted?

Update: Nearly half of American adults think government is a threat to individual rights. Only half?


JeffS said...

Yeah, I'm not happy about the NRA's involvement. That little arrangement almost scuttled the bill the first time; I'm amazed that they even tried to cut a deal with Pelosi. Time to write them a letter, methinks.

(Your NRA link is bad, Paco; I read about it on another site.)

As for displaying contempt of the Constitution, check out this strategy by the left.

Paco said...

The link works for me (it's to an article at NRO).

JeffS said...

Must be the ISP here at the hotel.....still ain't coming up! Oh, well, after I get home....

missred said...

having once worked as a research analyst, i wouldn't believe any poll without seeing the raw data, however i will state that the other half have their heads in the sand.

Anonymous said...

The ACLU is against this?! Well, that explains the cold breeze. Could it be that Hell is beginning to freeze?

The lead sponsor of S3295, the Senate version of DISCLOSE, is none-other-than Chucky Schumer. He needs 60 co-sponsors to bring it to the floor. He has 50. This information is care of Senator Tom McClintock's (R-CA) office. Now would be the time to melt the phones!

Deborah Leigh