Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maybe it will be the other way around

I rather hope that Obama will be our Kevin Rudd.


richard mcenroe said...

Sadly,the Great and Powerful Ob has already done more damage to our economy,our society, our allies, our world standing and our future than the Ruddy Idiot could ever dream of doing.

And no way in hell the Democrats pull down Obama as Labor did Rudd. They're utterly out of control, even as they admit they have no idear what they're doing as they pass their suicidal legislation. They're Andy Robinson facing Clint Eastwood at the end of Dirty Harry at this point...

RebeccaH said...

The Democrats are more or less stuck with Obama, as they do not dare alienate their minority and leftist base by trying to replace him in 2012. They're all about identity politics, and now it's a millstone around their necks as long as Obama is in office.

That said, they could try to persuade him to step down voluntarily in 2012, so he can "spend more time with the family". But that won't work, either, because Obama has an agenda, and his ego is too monumental to ever give it up.

Our only hope is that the Republicans can come up with a viable candidate everybody can get behind.

JP said...

WOW! Finally an Italian WV.

I just wanted to comment on that.


Agree completely with the two prior commenters..OUR own "Julia Gillard" in waiting got her butt kicked by the Chicag-Obama in the last Presidential election run.

She will not have the force with her in 2012, either.

Odd,that one born in Chicago did not learn the "Chicago style" political dirt, smear killer instinct especially with having her own "killer instinct".

What Whitewater legal billing records?

Merilyn said...

Check the Unions, they were the ones who had the most imput in getting rid of Rudd.
Maybe your unions over there will have the same idea?

richard mcenroe said...

Merilyn, it's not so much the unions being in bed with the Democratic Party over here, as the Democrats being the de facto arm of the unions,in particular the metastastic 'civil service' unions.

Merilyn said...

See what you mean Richard, it's like the front bench of the Labor Party all former Union leaders even Julia was a Union lawyer.