Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Rabbi elaborates

Rabbi David Nesenoff - the gentleman whose question to Helen Thomas prompted an answer that (mercifully) ended her career - has written an excellent op-ed for the Washington Post that plumbs the depths of just how offensive her statement really was.
She didn't say that the blockade was unjust, or that aid was not getting to Gaza, or that there was a massacre on the high seas, or that East Jerusalem is occupied, or that the settlements are immoral . . . and get out and go back to West Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Eilat. No. This was not the two-state solution. This was get the hell out and go back to the places of the final solution, Poland and Germany. The Jew has no connection with the land of Israel.
Profound truths, spoken from the heart. Read the whole thing.

(H/T: Hot Air headlines)


RebeccaH said...

I once told a boyfriend in high school, on a date night on a dark Texas road in the hinterlands, that I had Jewish relatives. He almost threw me out of the car because he said he was "German, and Germans hate Jews". Sheer, unadulterated ignorance of history. In the end, he didn't throw me out because my dad was a cop and would have made his life living hell, but that was the end of that.

My only question for Helen Thomas is, "Are you Arab, or are you American?" Because there's a big difference there that she doesn't seem to grasp.

Paco said...

Rebecca: Looks like that might have been a narrow escape.