Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Strange Alternate America in Which We Live

The only one in the Obama administration talking sense on the Israeli flotilla affair is... Joe Biden.


Merilyn said...

Have to say Biden is showing a lot more common sense then Rudd, he rang up the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and told him to have an independent inquiry.......without first waiting to get ALL the facts.

bingbing said...

Truth sometimes indeed is stranger than fiction.

A rare smile in this episode.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Biden got out of his office again. Somebody is going to pay for that one!

Biden better watch out or he'll get "the flu"...or be Clintoned.

Deborah Leigh

carpefraise said...

truly amazing isn't it? You think you know someone...that's why you gotta allow for the random!

Paco, have you seen this? This young man has inspired many...

(also at andrew bolt's blog but I can't post all links!)