Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's luck got to do with it?

The suave - but deep - Smitty, of The Other McCain, has written a post in which he becomes a kind of human, turbo-charged electric fan, clearing the air of whatever it is that Peggy Noonan's been smoking.

Noonan thinks the Preshizzle is "snakebit", i.e., unlucky. Smitty's having none of it. The whole post is great, but I particularly liked this line, which sums up in a few words the difference between Carter and Obama on the one hand, and Bill Clinton on the other: "...could it be that Carter and Obama are fools, whereas Clinton has the benefit of low animal cunning?"


JeffS said...

He’s starting to look unlucky, like Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter was and remains an ideologue, smug in his belief that all he had to was smile, and the world would fall at his feet. This is narcissism in all but name. Carter's "unluckiness" followed principally from his inability to accept reality, i.e., the center of the Universe is a few trillion parsecs off in another direction. This manifested itself as bumbling, naive, incompetence in virtually all arenas.

As noted by others, Obama is Carter, v2.0, or narcissism boiled down to a higher concentration, overlaid by arrogance in the form of intellectualism and elitism.

It took Carter 3+ years to come across as the screw up that he is; it's a significant measure of Obama's incompetence that he beat Jimmah's record by at least 18 months (it's more like 2 years, but the various idiots dominating the "intellectual" elements of the political elites couldn't bring themselves to even consider agreeing with us bitter gun clinging religious freaks).

So if Noonan is positioning herself as some sort of seer, she'd better start using Tarot cards; she'd have better luck convincing many people through sleight of hand than her, ummmmm, "logic".

TW: slamiss. Yeah, Smitty did a great job slamming Noonan!

RebeccaH said...

Like Jeff says, a whole boatload of it boils down to narcissism, way more malignant in Obama than even Carter. We also have to consider that Obama is shipping along a whole lot of Gramscian Marxists than Carter had in his administration.

Noonan was a useful idiot, and now she's trying to dig herself out, along with a lot of other heretofore Obama asskissers. A pox on them all.