Monday, July 26, 2010

Obama's brilliant mid-term election strategy

Hey, things could be worse.

They sure could be, Barry! We might have been invaded by space aliens, or our livestock could have been ravaged by an outbreak of the West Indian dry gripes, or Disney could have made a G-rated cartoon version of Chinatown. All kinds of disasters might have befallen us that didn't.

Of course, what Obama's really talking about is how - you got it - the Republicans messed things up and the Democrats are doing their darnedest to make everything right. You know, with astronomical deficits, high taxes and incompetent government meddling in the economy. Oh, and endless, amateurish floundering in foreign policy.

Mark my word: George Bush will be more popular than Obama by the end of the year.

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RebeccaH said...

Don't forget Dear Leader's incomparable leadership during the oil spill crisis, his moratorium on drilling, and the thousands of oil industry jobs that are going to end up on foreign shores.