Friday, July 23, 2010

One, many Eric Holders

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has compiled a list of the nation’s worst state attorneys general (pdf document).

It’s a thirty-page report, but well worth reading. Not surprisingly, California’s Jerry Brown heads the list. Just a taste:
Modernization of America’s refineries is critically needed to maintain a secure supply of fuel. The nation has a significant shortfall in refining capacity, which unnecessarily forces over-reliance on uncertain foreign supplies. Despite this need, in 2008, Brown used the threat of litigation to delay modernization of a refinery by Chevron. This represented a conflict of interest. Brown’s personal fortune came from the “family oil business,” which received a “fee for each barrel” of oil exported from Indonesia, in a concession granted by that country’s former military dictatorship. Chevron’s oil refineries in California are designed to process Alaskan crude, to compete against oil from Indonesia in California’s power plant market. Brown has also meddled beyond his own jurisdiction by pressuring other states to block new power plants within their own borders.


JeffS said...

I have a theory concerning lawyers and this (currently) great nation, but after consuming a bottle of Merlot wine with my neighbors, it is perhaps a good idea not to bang it out at this time.

Instead, I will offer a small slice of comedic relief:

"What do you call 10 lawyers at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean?"

"A good start!"

And with that, I bid all of you a fond good night!

(Hopefully, I can pass the "Word Verification" test for sentient intelligence.....)

JeffS said...

HAW!! Made it......

Minicapt said...

WV-- logdomp
... What JeffS just done.