Monday, August 30, 2010

"Comparisons are odious"... Dr. Johnson said, but ohhhh so much fun.


Bob Belvedere said...

Linked to at:
Compare And Contrast: Vlad Putin vs. High-Falutin’

Steve Skubinna said...

It's bad enough, the photos contrasting Obama doing his best Pee-Wee Herman with Dubya trail riding with Lance. Now somebody's gotta drag in shots of that real life Bond villain?

I can't imagine what the WH press office is doing letting these pohtos out - are they so out of touch that they don't recognize egregious wieniehood, or have they been infiltrated?

JeffS said...

Steve, the male portion of the WH staff is comprised entirely of beta males. Amongst that sampling, Obama looks good.

Mikael said...

Word: Bulgar

No, I'm pretty sure he was born in Russia. Though the Bulgarian secret police did have a reputation of doing the wet work not even a top operative in the KGB wanted to touch.
Then again, I must admit I haven't seen his birth certificate, so I can't be sure...

Oh, we're talking about Obama and not Putin? Sorry, my bad.

(apologies, couldn't resist :-))