Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alan Grayson's next job

Professional Assistance for Career Outplacement has located the perfect job for soon-to-be ex-representative Alan Grayson. It's in his district and it's well within the scope of his intellectual ability.

Alan Grayson, you're hired!

"Gawrsh! From congressman to official greeter at Disney World. Oh, well. Hyuck! It's a livin'"


richard mcenroe said...

I'm getting some part time work at local college's Halloween maze.

I'm going to dress up like Timothy Geithner, jump out at people, and tell them about what I'm doing to their retirements...

mRed said...

From looking at the photograph it appears they both wear the same size shoe.

Anonymous said...

mRed, contary to popular belief, shoe size does not indicate...well, just in case there is a KOS, let's say that Grayson ain't packin'. And that means on the upper floor too.

Deborah Leigh

richard mcenroe said...

Do we really want Alan Grayson near our children?

Anonymous said...

Another reason - as if I needed one - to avoid The Happiest Place On Earth. Thanks for the warning!

richard mcenroe said...

Prairiecat -- nonono, you can still go to Bass Pro Shop...

Anonymous said...

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