Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese Schumer...

...laps up the Wall St. gravy.
In 2010, there is one Democrat that is turning heads with the amount of money he is raising. That is Chuck Schumer of New York. While chatter is running rampant in D.C. that he is seeking to be the next leader of the Senate Democrats should Reid lose his race in Nevada, Schumer is acting as a pass through for millions of dollars from Wall Street and distributing it around the nation to other Democrat campaigns.

According to, Chuck Schumer has received nearly $2.5 million alone from the securities and investment industries. Furthermore, Schumer’s number one contributor over this cycle has been Paulson & Co., a controversial hedge fund run by John Paulson who was at the center of the Goldman Sachs indictment that concluded with Goldman paying a $550 million fine to the SEC.
Private sector financial bureaucrats are interested in money and influence, and it is becoming increasingly clear that far too many of them will sell out their country's best interests in order to get it. The notion that Big Business is conservative is demonstrably false and has been for decades. What many of the mega banks and giant corporations want is a reduction in the level of uncertainty, and an environment that genuinely encourages free enterprise - and the risks and competition and decentralization of financial power that go with it - is anathema to these people.

Big Business in the pocket of the Republican Party? Don't make me laugh.

Lookin' out for #1.


mojo said...

Jimmy Walker redux

Paco said...

Be nice if he ended the same way.