Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dick Blumenthal: the Andrey Vyshinsky of Connecticut

Ann Coulter details the anti-business show trial conducted by Connecticut Attorney General (and current Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate) Richard Blumenthal of Gina Kolb. It is a frightening story of arrogant, prosecutorial excess designed to further Blumenthal's political career.

Combine the vaulting ambition with the abuse of authority and...oh, yes... lying about serving in Vietnam, and you're talking about a public career that needs to be ended. Now.

(H/T: Five Feet of Fury)


bruce said...

"No supplier should be permitted to shortchange or overcharge the state without severe consequences."

Ummm, what?

You shop around, you take the best offer, after that it's your responsibility. What is this guy talking about?

Obama says weird things like this too. What has happened to the US, former bastion of free enterprise?

JeffS said...

Bruce, I think Blumenthal just wants everyone give everything to the state (i.e., him) for free.

Isn't that the way socialists work?

RebeccaH said...

I think there are a whole lot of people whose political careers need to be ended. "Dick" is just one.