Sunday, October 10, 2010

Go ahead, Barney, ask Sean Bielat some more questions

Barney Frank recently sent an open letter to Republican candidate Sean Bielat. Mr. Bielat used the opportunity to issue a public response and politely smack Barney all over the room.
However, with all the economic problems our country is facing, what struck me first about the letter were all the questions that were not in it. I noticed you did not ask me how I would have voted on corporate bailouts or increasing the national debt. There were no questions about job killing tax increases or out-of-control spending – all of which are on the minds of the people you represent in the Fourth District.

I can certainly understand your reluctance to highlight these differences between us. You voted for bailouts and tax hikes, and I oppose them. You voted to increase the national debt – 41 times.

Above all, you didn't ask me how I would have voted in 2005 on reigning in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the companies at the center of the sub-prime mortgage crisis that collapsed our economy. That's probably because I would have voted with an overwhelmingly bipartisan majority of Congress to pass reform, while you chose to join just 90 members to oppose it.
I know Bielat is a long-shot, but if the people in Frank's district really prefer the aging, shameless corruptocrat to somebody like Bielat, there's truly no hope for them.


Zardoz said...

I think that's what they call "knocking it out of the park".

Paco said...

Quite so!