Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey, that’s different, because…well, just because!

Mexico is ok with security fences as long as they’re on the country’s southern border.

Meanwhile, Mexican narcotraficantes continue to pile up riches. Check out this house recently seized by the government. The photo gallery is quite impressive. For example, there's nothing like a little gun bling:

It's certainly a minor infraction compared to the horrible crimes routinely committed by the cartels, but I believe we can safely add "bad taste" to the list of charges.


RebeccaH said...

I fear we're going to be in an actual shooting war with Mexico before it's over.

Paco said...

Well, if their weapons are all like the one pictured and we can capture enough of them, we ought to be able to balance the budget.

JeffS said...

Alas, Paco, that's just gold plating on those weapons; it'll start to wear off after the first cleaning. Not much gold there in the first place.

Assuming that they even get shoot in the first place. We're better off raiding the cartel vaults.

Or as one general (I forget who) said, "Gold will not always get you good soldiers, but good soldiers will always get you gold."

Gregoryno6 said...

Of course, if it was a Paco Enterprises product, that firearm would be no more than a very shiny water pistol.

Paco said...

Gregory: And if it were a Paco Enterprises product, you can be damned sure that wouldn't be real gold!