Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rule 5 Saturday

Peggy Lee only has eyes for you.


bruce said...

Love the guitar playing (Peggy's husband at the time - chemistry!) almost as much as the great singing. And the song, the way the repetitive chorus almost pushes into hypnosis, but Peggy pulls out the blues side of it.

One of my favourites.

Paco said...

Glad you liked it, Bruce.

I once saw a video clip somewhere - I think it was on television - in which Peggy Lee and Frank Sinatra sang a duet. It was, as I recall, a mildly swinging love song, and everything about Peggy - her voice, her body language, her expressions - just absolutely smoldered. Frank Sinatra actually looked a bit like a shy school boy, so overwhelming was the sexy (but completely classy) performance by Peggy. An amazing thing to see. I wish I could find it.

bruce said...

She started out on radio with Bing Crosby I think.

I have an album of some broadcasts and duets. She and Bing sound great together. - Another reason Sinatra may have felt shy.