Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Straight talk from Walter Williams

I'm a big fan of Professor Walter Williams, of George Mason University. In this column, the professor cuts right to the chase:
Here's my question to you: If one takes an oath to uphold and defend, and bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution, at the minimum, shouldn't he know what he's supposed to uphold, defend and be faithful to?"
Tired of constitution abuse? Then throw the bums out on November 2.

And on the subject of another Williams who's been in the news lately...

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Anonymous said...

Walter sure has it right. It's really upsetting when the staffers for elected "officials" ask me where I'm from when wishing to leave a comment. They are immediately referred to their boss' oath of office that has no reference to state or district. All US citizens are constituents of every senator and representative. So if they aren't aware of that, why should we believe that they remember anything except the all important vote to give themselves pay raises.

Deborah Leigh