Sunday, October 10, 2010

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

The Paco Command Center is enjoying one last burst of color before the cold weather sets in.

With respect to purely man-made beauty, my Ruger Blackhawk .41 Magnum came in last week, and the missus and I went down to Virginia Arms in Manassas to pick it up (their web site is still under construction, but it's got the important information up: location, hours of operation, etc.) Incidentally, I highly recommend Virginia Arms; the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the prices on the items I've bought, to date, have been considerably lower than the MSRP reflected on the Smith & Wesson and Ruger web sites.

Here's the newest addition to the Paco armory:

Why a Ruger single-action? Because...

1) they're fun to shoot;

2) this one's in my favorite caliber;

3) the balance is perfect;

4) I can now work on my spinning and fast draw.

Although I doubt I'll ever come close to this guy:

The shop has a large inventory, not only of new guns, but also including a nice selection of pre-owned weapons being sold on consignment. They had a particularly fine Walther P-38 that I confess to drooling over. It looked pretty much like this...

Maybe next time.


JeffS said...

Yes, winter is nigh upon us residents of the Northern Hemisphere. It rained cats and dogs yesterdays afternoon here, and the trees are turning colors. The flowers, alas, have gone to ground. I really can't blame them.

A sweet pistol, Paco! I have a co-worker with a similar hog leg, and it's nice. I prefer .40 or .45, but .41 is a good caliber as well. Any caliber starting with a "4" is a good caliber.

Another advantage to single action revolvers: they have simpler mechanisms, and thus are less prone to failure.

I haven't hit the range of late, and I need to. But I can still practice, thanks to the Israeli Defense Forces.

Paco said...

Jeff: That practice gun is sweet!

JeffS said...

Actually, it's an accessory, designed to fit into automatic pistols. 9MM is standard, but you can buy adapters for .40 and .45; it's quite versatile.

And effective. I just have to remember to close the curtains when practicing.

Paco said...

You know, I've got a fairly sizable, partially-finished basement. Maybe I should convert it into an indoor shooting range.

JeffS said...

For a handgun, that isn't difficult. Except for the soundproofing, that is. Wouldn't want to cops to head for the Paco Command Center, code red!

Minicapt said...