Saturday, October 9, 2010

Voters set to release Alan Grayson back into the wild

Byron York points out how badly Florida Democrat Alan Grayson’s “Taliban Dan” ad has backfired.

I look forward to Grayson’s upcoming defeat – more so, in fact, than I do to that of practically any other Democratic candidate; however, I suspect that he’s so dangerously unstable that his reaction is likely to be violent. So, my advice to his staff on election night is, “Don’t get any on ya!”


JeffS said...

And that's pretty much how Grayson will take any defeat.

I just wish I could be a fly on that particular wall......

RebeccaH said...

Maybe Grayson can get a job at Disneyworld as a sweeper. Although, he'd probably get canned within a week for snarling at the tourists.

Anonymous said...

Grayson shouldn't be released back into the wild. The men in the white coats with the nets should attend to him for the good of society. Can you imagine his staffers' resumes?

Prospective Employer: "Could you please
explain this gap
in your history?"

Former Staffer: (insert crickets)

Deborah Leigh