Saturday, November 27, 2010

After you...

Fausta Wertz and Jimmy Bise consider the strange phenomenon of the super-rich wanting to pay more in taxes - or, to be perfectly accurate, the not so strange phenomenon of the super-rich thinking a whole lot of other not-so-rich people ought to pay more in taxes.

This is the typical endless loop of liberal idiocy. The government jacks up the national debt, and it becomes the taxpayers' responsibility to work it down. And as a side dish, we have billionaires and centimillionaires, who have financed the very politicians who created the economic havoc, consenting to part with a portion of their own income that will not diminish their lifestyles in the slightest, but only if the beggarly rich making a few hundred thousand are squeezed till it hurts.

For the record, I am now in favor of a confiscatory rate of taxation applied to Warren Buffet's income; he can start doing his "fair share" right now.


JeffS said...

I like Jimmy's approach: have these useful idiots pony up $36 million a year, and see how they like it.

Not much, I bet.

RebeccaH said...

Would Buffet and his idiot cohort pay any taxes at all, is the question. They have tax lawyers, tax shelters, and write offs out the wazoo, which the rest of us do not.