Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The decline of Britain, Part 147.

Are we running out of oil? Er, no, no we’re not.

Bingbing has a good news roundup on the hostilities in Korea.

Swampie and her therapeutic sandblaster.

Hey, how about a high-speed bus system?

Ah, the open-minded, tolerant students of our universities!


JeffS said...

England, as we once knew her, is basically dead. The "new" England appears to be a mix of fascism and communism doctrine, with Shari'a law as the binder. And that's only going to get worse.

As for the "tolerant" students.....this may be part of the future of politics, i.e., mob rule. And we may have to shoot back.

RebeccaH said...

I'm banking on the bitter flyover clingers who don't make the news. Weasel words work for a while, but anger and the realistic threat of force ("I have guns, you don't") accomplish a more balanced society.

bingbing said...

Be sure to check back. The post has been updated 23 times now.