Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't bring a gun to a yogurt fight

Steve Burri has the lowdown on a thrilling highway duel.

On an unrelated topic, everybody remembers having seen this classic Photoshop, right?

I was pleased and honored to receive an email from its creator yesterday, a gentleman by the name of Bill Phillips. I hope we'll see more of Bill's satirical work in the months (years, actually) leading up to the next crucial election.


Steve Burri said...

It was in Virginia... Paco, have you been packin' concealed yogurt again?

Yojimbo said...

I think Paco has a permit for open carry Activia.

I like the one with the Panama hat. Nothing combines smug and drug culture better than that one.

The hat in this picture resembles an acorn shell. Remember the old Chip and Dale cartoons where one of them would be dancing around wearing one of those.

TimT said...

A Rather Silly Poem Supporting the Right to Bear Yoghurt

It's no go the Yogo, it's no go the mousse,
It's no go the Pinkberry Triple Cherry flow
It's no go the Devondale, it's no go the Ski
It's no go the tubs of Fruche underneath the garden trees.

Yes, a hippy without yoghurt is apt to get quite crappy
A hippy without yoghurt is a hippy that is crappy.
So be kind unto the hippies, let them roam and laugh and sing,
Let them eat their tubs of yoghur, let the songs of freedom ring!

Paco said...

TimT: Very like, er, T.S. Eliot.

Steve: As Yojimbo points out, I can do open yogurt carry, but I don't have a permit for concealed carry.

TimT said...

The opening phrase is actually taken from a famous Louis MacNeice poem about outsiders perceptions of Scottish culture, one that has spawned a number of imitations.

Yojimbo said...

On Dasher
On Prancer
On Donner and Pinkberry Triple Cherry Flow

Thank you