Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ex-Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi


"Oh, my God, Wang, what is that?"

"Don't look, Jack! It's the Hell of Botox Thwarted!"

Update: Mark Levin pretty much sums up my view.


RebeccaH said...

Goodbye and good riddance! Too bad she wasn't voted out of office as well.

Paco said...

Too bad, indeed. But at least the execrable Alan Grayson is history, and I'm thrilled about Marco Rubio and Allen West.

RebeccaH said...

As am I. Unfortunately, we are still stuck with Barney Frank and Ma'am Boxer.

JeffS said...

I agree about the winners and losers thus far, especially with Crist and Grayson getting a boot in the buttocks. They deserved it.

And as Allahpundit says, "Good luck getting out of the economic ditch with total Democratic control, California." I think I'll volunteer to man a checkpoint on I-5 to screen the inevitable refugees for hardcore hippies.

And I'm kinda worried by my Turing Word here:



bingbing said...

Harry Reid looks like he'll stay, too. Regardless, it must have been a fun night for you guys.

Merilyn said...

Looks like you have had a good start, anyway, have been reading the update on Andrew Bolt's blog, "Republicans will win control of the House, so far picking up 60 seats but are falling short of taking back control of the Senate", [bad luck there].
You gave them a good kick anyway.

JeffS said...

Yeah, Dingy Harry is sticking around. Bummer, I wanted to see that creep go. But Sharron put up a good fight.

They're calling for Boxer as well, even though the count is really close, with 32% of the precincts reporting in. This might shift, but it'll be hours before we know for sure.

My personal peeve, Patty Murray, is leading slightly, with only 54% of the precincts reporting in. Gotta wait on that one as well.

On the whole, though, I agree with Paco (and hence Mark Levin): This is a major win for conservatives. All the spin from the Democrats (and the RINOs) will try to say otherwise.

But the House of Representatives is in the hands of the Republicans, and the Democrats aren't any where near a super-majority in the Senate. This is a victory for conservatives and Americanism, and a defeat to socialists and Euroweenies.

Next: 2012, and booting Obama out of office!

And as a palate cleanser, I offer this.

bruce said...

Congrats, best rats of all.

Knew you could do it. Was a bit confused how Obama got so many votes 2 years ago but this puts it in perspective.

Anonymous said...

I am PROUD to say Marco Rubio is MY Senator.

I offered to help SanFranNan pack & move to smaller quarters, having done so a time or two myself - no word back yet.

If the new people in DC can just BE "the Opposition" I will be ok with it. They don't need to GIVE ME anything, just STOP giving so much to EVERYONE. I won't hold my breath, but I feel better than I did this time yesterday.