Monday, November 8, 2010

Feel good story of the day

Nutrition professor loses 27 pounds in two months on Twinkie diet.

Hey, it's science.

Update: You know, I love history (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).

Update II: In other food news, Mr. Peanut gets a makeover.


Anonymous said...

If I tried to do that I'd be seeing alot more of the VA hospital than I do now. Lucky for him that there are no kidney issues, otherwise the salt would do him in. Hmmm. Death by Twinkie. Don't think I'll try it.

Deborah Leigh

SwampWoman said...

Hunh. Sounds intriguing. I think I'll try it. Twinkies and Snickers bars.

Paco said...

Swampie: The breakfast of champions!

RebeccaH said...

The sweetness factor of a Twinkie diet would do me in after the first day. I'm one of those odd ducks who don't really go for sweets.

Beer, on the other hand... how I do miss it.

Yojimbo said...

He also has a get out of jail card if he wants to murder some politicians on the west coast. Don't want to milk this any further.

mojo said...

"In wine there is Truth. In beer there is Fellowship. In water there is bacteria."
-- Ben Franklin

El Cid said...

Well gosh Captain, by the looks of it, the Egyptians also had a hand in developing the recreation of bowling.

Nothing like a cold one after slaving all day erecting pyramids.

My oh my, the Middle Eastern peoples were quite advanced prior to Islam.

Mesopotamia, language, writing, mathematics, philosophy, astronomy...

Eygpt, building, beer, bowling, Cleopatra...

Speaking of which, were Cleo alive today, had she dressed as is portrayed, the Islamists would have stoned her, hung her, beheaded her, or all three.

Stopping civilization dead in its tracks, ahh yes, Islam. Quite a legacy.