Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Feet Friday

Some fine harmonizing from the Golden Gate Quartet.


bruce said...

Happy Days. Some reasons to feel happy occurred to me:

Maybe now they'll stop calling Tea Party folk 'extremists'. Eg I watched Richard's video of a TP led by Pat Boone. I mean, 'Pat Boone, extremist? What universe have we woken up in?' - I've been wondering the past 2 years or 10.

We used to call it Wisdom of Experience - older people know better. Yes a small radical minority of our age-group - plus their trained followers(I don't believe in 'generations') have seized power - obviously they are the extremists. These extremists have much support among the trust-fund and celebrity set (incl RINOs). Maybe now the press will see and reflect which way the wind actually blows - Happy Days.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Holy cats! Dat's crazy man. Real cool... goin' down river ... with song ... time to hit the road ... and with a babe ...