Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's TSA's world

They just let us fly in it (sometimes).

Update: Hey, there's already a resistance movement!

Update II: "Don't touch my junk!"


Irobot said...

Our experience with the TSA left us feeling a little violated.

On return from the Big Island to Oahu we were taken aside and asked to open our luggage, which we did. This was not a problem as we are happy to comply with airport security. Bags were searched in front of us, nothing found, continued with our trip.

Our bags were searched again, not in our presence after they had gone through security. We discovered this fact on arrival at our hotel. A lock was missing, we had seen the TSA employee replace all locks after the initial search, and the bag had obviously been searched again.

To top it off, a small amount of Australian currency had been stolen from the bag. The cash was in a zippered pocket not in plain view. The amount was immaterial, enough to buy a couple of coffees, it was more the fact that those tasked with security appear to be above the law. We travelled through more airports in China with no such issues, same luggage, same packing, including currency.

Who acts as security on the security?

Apart from that we had a fantastic trip and can't wait to get back to Hawaii, and then onto the States.

RebeccaH said...

If I am ever forced to fly again, and they won't let me on the plane unless I submit, I suppose I'll let them do the full body scan. I seriously doubt anybody would be titillated except the most desperate old geezer, and maybe not even him if he's looked at hundreds of naked bodies that day. But I absolutely WILL NOT let anybody feel me up looking for explosives. They can take that nonsense and shove it up their own fundaments.