Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday funny


JeffS said...

So much for a college education; I would have ordered an enchilada.


RebeccaH said...

Two things that make this archaeology student a blue-voting, pantywaist Democrat:

Burritos are not meant to be eaten without onions.

He never thought to ask Taco Bell to hold the onions in the first place.

Steve Skubinna said...

How competent an archeologist can he be if he doesn't like onions?

I would never trust a person who didn't like onions. It'd be like speaking to somebody who didn't care for oxygen. Dead giveaway you're dealing with a non-native of Earth.

Anonymous said...

As a former anthropology major, this makes me glad that changed careers. I like onions. The few positives are the learning to pronounce technical words such as australopithicas, and learning about ethnocentricity. Of course, I didn't really understand the latter until I became conservative.

Deborah Leigh