Thursday, December 16, 2010


California continues its long, slow economic suicide (more on the subject from the excellent Professor Jacobson).

Whether brown or red, totalitarianism leads to genocide.

An interesting recipe from Etcetera.

kae on the three ages of man.

Harry Reid’s spendapalooza crashes and burns.

Bob Feller, RIP. As Don Surber says, “God needed another starter.”


Mr. Bingley said...

4 oz NY Strip?

That's barely nibble-sized!

Yojimbo said...

Great news on that pulling of the spending bill, especially when you combine it with the defeat of those labor contracts in Wisconsin.

Have you seen the latest on the travel plans of the First Family. They will be flying to Hawaii at different times. I wonder how much extra money and jet fuel that entails. Can't decide whether to update my "Let Them Eat Cake" or my "Conspicuous Consumption" file. Close call.