Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is the Clintonian plague withering away?

Kathleen McCaffrey at Legal Insurrection thinks it's a possibility.


JeffS said...

One can hope. Bubba is clearly withering on the vine, probably because he isn't the center of attention anymore. Except when he's getting the exclusive services of an exotic dancer, or messing up political negotiations.

Hillary, at a guess, is finding that real leadership (which she didn't even begin to touch until she entered the Senate, and not much then) takes a toll. As the Secretary of State, she's a leader, if she takes her responsibilities seriously.

Then there is the obvious manuevering by Obama to exclude her from domestic politics, AND the fact that she's getting old (63 ain't really old, but it's old enough if you aren't used to the workload). Taken all together, it's likely that the prospect of another presidential campaign, probably against Obama in the primaries, is daunting.

And then add in the possibility that she actually, y'know, wins the White House, and maybe she really does want to back out.

I won't count on it until the fat lady sings. But it certainly is a cheery thought!

BUT......the Clintonian plague has a potential replacement: Chelsea. Thus far, she has shown no interest in politics, and may it always be thus. But don't discount her.....nor the "sage advice" of her politically savy (but amoral) parents.

Anonymous said...

"Clinton is undoubtedly very smart and talented."

Oh, puh-lease.

This is media fiction. Repeated too often. I think this meme started in the Eisenhower era. Republicans stupid. Democrats smart. It just doesn't wash.

Manipulating the academic bureaucracy is just that, not a sign of particular intelligence.

Just look at her public record. Miserable, hectoring, shrill, condescending, no real lasting accomplishments

The epitome of her career is perhaps her latest humiliation of depserately dogging the Iranian ambassador around a conference for recognition.