Friday, January 14, 2011

I’m thinking that the best business opportunity available right now…

…might be to set up a moving company based just across the Illinois state line in Indiana.

Illinois Democrats seem to think that all state residents are some kind of captive tax slaves, prevented by, say, an electric fence from picking up and moving to other states with more reasonable tax rates. Notwithstanding that the mobility of individuals and businesses in the face of greedy state governments has been shown time and time again, from New York to California, Illinois lawmakers recently passed two huge tax increases – a 67% personal income tax increase, and a 46% increase on businesses – that not only won’t attract people to the state, but will drive current residents away in droves.

I think where the Tea Party can make a huge difference is by getting involved at the grassroots level in states like Illinois. Change from the bottom up.


JeffS said...

This is hardly surprising; Illinois state government is as corrupt and inept as the city of Chicago. They hate each other because they're competitors for fleecing the same marks.

And don't get me started on the smaller towns.

It's been a while since I was last there, but the residents then had a flair for finding ways around the system. But this will likely break the camel's back.

And I hope the Tea Party can take back Illinois, but don't count on it; the Chicago area looks to have at least as many legislative districts as the rest of the state.

As Chicago is a bastion for the Demonrats, the Tea Party will have an up hill fight on their hands. I wish them well on this one.

TW: unties. Yeah, someone has to untie the leftie death grip on Chicago!

Yojimbo said...

Moving from the ground up. Couldn't agree more. This is a marathon. The only danger is creating a new professional political class. The knife can cut both ways. The Tea Partiers that I've come in contact with don't appear to be professional politcal types thankfully.

And for goodness sake, don't forget the local school boards and the PTA. Over the last few decades these organizations have become completely infected, yes infected,and taken over by the left. We have to take back our schools.

bruce said...


Mark Steyn pointed out in the latest ricochet podcast that eg family businesses who only survive because of cutting corners are - at some point - going to spit the dummy seeing neighbours like eg govt employees retiring at 59 on full benefits etc.

That's inequality!

Steve Skubinna said...

And that's a big reason leftists hate the federal system so much and do everything they can to move power and control upwards.

JorgXMcKie said...

As one who grew up in IL and lived there most of my life [not for the last decade, though] and still has lots of family there, let me say that there's a reason the government in general is called "the Combine". First, it combines most of the Chicago Dems, the suburban Republicans [those remaining], the Downstate Dems, and most of the Downstate GOP in a group of back-scratching thieves. [Decades ago, Lester Crown, of Crown Industries, road builders, etc] pled guilty to bribing both sides for a very small amount [50K total, as I remember] for road building contracts.

Second, they work like a combine [i.e. a farm reaping machine] at separating money from the citizens.

Finally, as corrupt as the Chicago Dems are, I hate the Establishment GOP even more because those bastards are even more interested in status than money and can't even be gotten to by money unless it's the right kind of money. Country Club Republicans screwed over way too many decent potential candidates as "not our kine, dear".

I feel sorry for my family, but essentially the voters of IL asked for the reaming they're about to get.

Paco said...

JXM: The "combine", eh? Interesting. The guys in the assassin syndicate, Murder, Inc., referred to their organization as the "combination".