Friday, January 14, 2011

Meanwhile in Australia


bruce said...

The way they have politicized even the weather in the past decade, by next year they may just about be saying this seriously.

(And let's discuss whether Mother Nature, alias Gaia, is actually benign, since she seems to prefer that humans live like gorillas in the jungle and punishes us for daring to be civilized - that's rather 'extreme Right Wing' alright).

bingbing said...

Palin IS climate change personified. Is there nothing that woman can't do?

Mark of Bondi Junction said...

You misunderstand the true nature of the, soon to be living, Gaia:
"within this century the concept of the strong Gaia will actually become physically manifest".
Tim Blair explains:

JeffS said...

Is there nothing that woman can't do?

She can't heal the planet, and can't stop the oceans from rising. That's Obama's gig. ;-p

Paco said...

Mark: I believe Flannery will soon be sticking straws in his hair, and spooning peas down his pants. "Losing it" is the expression I believe I'm looking for.

Formerly of Toowoomba said...

JeffS, Flanners and others who have told us that drought is the new Australian climate norm are now saying that this rain confirms there climate change models and that they predicted the wet weather- go figure!

It will be interesting though to see what happens as many of the new houses were built on flood plains which the government had sold off to developers claiming that with the flood mitigation in place, they were no longer at risk. This was of course, contrary to expert advice that continued to say the areas were floodprone. Alas the expert reports went against warmanist group think and were buried by the Government and Brisbane Council (yes both lefty labor governments)

On a more personal level, my sister's house in Brisbane was flooded (the water stopped about a foot from their upper floor so all of downstairs was flooded.

Following that inundation, she was inundated with friends, family and complete strangers coming into her house to help them clean up. People were turning up with tools, cleaning gear as well as one young mother pushing her baby in a pram and offering to take my sisters washing home. Another woman and her daughter had made masses of sandwiches and cakes that they were passing out to volunteers up and down the street. Australia and Australians at their very best.

Gregoryno6 said...

Drought? Global warming. Flood? Also global warming. Just like the change of enemy mid-speech in 1984.
There is something remarkable in people who can carry off such a smooth about face. Not admirable, mind, just remarkable.

JeffS said...

Formerly, I believe their motto is "Global warming, the theory that's never wrong!"

It's good to hear that your sister is fine, and has plenty of good neighbors and Australians to lend a helping hand!

I call that "Life without government".