Thursday, January 20, 2011

That's gonna cause some nightmares

Gateway Pundit has the most interesting Hillary Clinton photo I've ever seen.


Yojimbo said...

For the first, and last, time in my life I actually feel sorry for Bill. Too bad she didn't make the Marines. Sniper school right out of boot, forget advanced, she's already passed that. Scary, berry berry scary.

This IS the President who flew a pizza chef in for dinner shortly after signing that stimulus package. The ceremonial head of Russia gets hamburgers and this guy gets... Let me get out that list of biggest creditors again.:)

You are assuming that they don't eat like this on a regular basis. NatGeo did a special on that big presidential plane thingy right after he was sworn in. At the very end of that special he was shown listing his food preferences to the people on board. Don't doubt it. $100 a pound beef anyone?

Merilyn said...

Uh oh, those eyes!
That was quite some menu to, and for China where they are having problems in their Supermarkets, regarding lack of food.

missred said...

someone needs oil of olay. as far any comment on the dinner - i didn't think the menu itself was that extravagant (for a state dinner) but the wine listed at $199is a good value for that wine. it actually goes for almost $300 for the .750ml and over $600 for the 1.5ml
better be damned good for that price. i have had excellent wines for $25 750ml

John said...

someone needs oil of olay

missred, Bill gave that up, years ago.

Isophorone said...

Aren't cosmetics wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Hillary was just trying a mind trick on the dictator? 'You will forgive all the debt'. Either that or she's laughing, in the evil way that the Clintons' specialize in, and saying, 'Suckers! You're paying for all this!'

The menu was amazing. But dear God, that's alot of food. I like eating like the next person, but.... Then again, except for the wine, that could be the special at TGIFridays or Applebees. Of course, being a state dinner you can't call onion rings onion rings. They've got to be disguised as butter-milk crip onions. But then everything and everyone was in disguise.

Can't believe that Governor Christie went. Rhino.

Deborah Leigh

Paco said...

Deb: If any picture ever screamed Mwah-ha-HAAAA!!!, that one does.

Minicapt said...

"Poached Maine Lobster", so that's what they call Nova Scotia crayfish.


Steve Skubinna said...

Now that is one scary picture.

Bet that's what Helen Thomas looked like, about the time Teddy was charging up San Juan Hill.

Paco said...

Steve: HAW!!!