Friday, January 21, 2011

Time to rally ‘round!

The estimable Tree Hugging Sister and Rush Limbaugh, in conjunction with the distinguished Professor Jacobson, have thrown down the gauntlet to the Palin haters on the left, and to the Palin detractors on the right.

I am solidly within THS's camp on this issue
We can do without witches in 2012, but we could sure use a little intra-conservative “she may be a witch, but she’s OUR witch” sense of unity. How COULD they ~ and I do mean every last conservative/GOP columnist ~ not rise up IMMEDIATELY and give rise to a vociferous, continuous, FEROCIOUS defense? Sarah Palin’s presidential qualifications/aspirations (or lack thereof) aside: can the party withstand it’s own pundits allowing their vested self interest to override truth and decency itself, if it means a potential rival may have her kneecaps bludgeoned as a party to mass murder? How despicable!
Quite so. And as Jacobson points out, although Palin may be the current lightning rod of elitist condescension, every Republican who is perceived by the leftist hive and their fellow travelers in the “center” as a viable threat to the ideology of the Democratic party is going to get the same treatment.

As I have said often, and recently, I would love to see Palin win the presidency, if only because she is hated by all the right people. And it is my opinion that she has a much better chance of winning the Republican nomination than most people think (and of beating Obama, if she does). Furthermore, I think she’d make a great president (in any event, can you imagine her being a worse president than Barry?)

Or would you rather have Huckabee?

Update: Looks like I cited the right blog, but not the right blogger. It was Tree Hugging Sister, not Mr. Bingley, who wrote that post at Coalition of the Swilling (I have made the correction). Not that Bingley isn't estimable, of course...


Steve Skubinna said...

I have nothing but contempt for those on the right who advise Palin to shut up and silently take the hits for the good of the party. If they are deluded enough to think they can be friends, then they deserve the company of Amanda Marcotte and Markos Moulitsas.

They ought to know that nobody likes a turncoat. Benedict Arnold was never trusted by the British, and for entirely justified reasons.

JeffS said...

I completely agree -- the Palin Derangement Syndrome is beyond pathetic, beyond tar&feather, and approaching weapons grade ugly.

And those morons on the right? One would think that their "intellect" (note deliberate use of danger quotes) might be better applied towards supporting their candidate of choice.

Instead, they chose the path of lefties, and indulge in hate.

Screw 'em all.

PS: A word to the wise, Paco. That post was written by Mr. B's sister, the Tree Hugging Sister, a former Marine married to a retired Marine. Better position Mabel at the front door.

bruce said...

I think Palin should make a fine President, above all because she understands entrepreneurship and small business - the foundations of the USA.

The international commentariat would have a stroke, but who cares? If the global posers have less meetings because they're embarrassed to be seen with her, good!

But in the real world, when Putin walks up to shake her hand, he knows he's met his match!

bruce said...

I guess I should have said Putin will know he's met his Dark Mistress. Anyway it struck me as I was writing that comment that Palin is the only western leader who is similar to Putin, in ruggedness as well as direct no-nonsense talk, as against all the fawning bureaucrats leading much of the world.

As Putin epitomises the Russian spirit, so Palin the down-to-earth American.

We may be entering an age where only tough self-sufficient leaders survive - I'm reading Canduci's Triumph and Tragedy about Roman Emperors.

Paco said...

Bruce: Hey, another good book recommendation!