Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Homemade Demotivator

Update: Speaking of morons, Time Magazine includes last year's Gaza flotilla incident in a top ten list of historical "Clashes at Sea" - right up there with the Battle of Trafalgar and the defeat of the Spanish armada (curiously, the Battle of Lepanto is left out). Time is going for the all-time land-speed record in its race toward irrelevance (it's currently running side by side with Newsweek).


JeffS said...

That's a really stupid list. It looks like some half drunk editor thought "Hey, let's highlight any 'clashes' on the ocean that pushes the leftie narrative!" And then he tasked some stoned interns to write the list.

Take the Gulf of Tonkin incident. That one got us rolling in South Vietnam. Which is, yeah yeah, the big bad war of aggression by America.

Except....Johnson (a Democrat) was President at the time. He pushed it, continuing with Kennedy's anti-communism policy. By their lights, this is hardly a highpoint in the leftie narrative.

The "US Navy vs the Somali Pirates"....that's the lefties stealing the Navy's thunder. There was some indication that the Naval commanders pushed or overstepped their limits, as given by the Obama Administration. Not to mention....the pirates are still operating.

Or the ROKS Cheonan....what, was that included because the Norks managed to execute a sneak attack? That happened in 1989, and nothing changed in the long running "Norks versus The World" contest. Not to mention, North Korea denies sinking the Cheonan, so how was it a "clash"? Maybe they meant the subsequent international investigation.....

And they missed Jutland, the Battle of the Philippine Sea, the Coral Sea, and so on. Why not those, but include the destruction of the Athenian Navy, more than two thousand years ago?

Or what about the Exxon Valdez grounding, and leaking oil in Alaskan waters? They included those idiotic but ineffective "Sea Sheppard" clowns.

Oy. I'm glad I stopped subscribing, let alone reading, Time years ago.

Yojimbo said...

Hey, they got Midway in there. My guess before I saw the list was Bismark and Midway. I certainly agree with the Sea Shepard people over that not yet begun to fight thingy,yessirreebobtail! Hmmm, some of those happened over 100 years ago. Wouldn't they be too difficult to conceptualize?

That's not the Magnificent Seven(er, plus one) that I remember. If that person in the background was Eli Wallach , well yeah, sure.:)

Minicapt said...

I was astounded that they neglected to mention the Boat Race at Henley, but then I remembered that it takes place on a river, not at sea.


prairiecat55kc said...

Minicapt, remember of whom we speak here...would they understand the difference? Or care?

Steve Skubinna said...

I believe I have grounds to sue over the omission of the epic -EPIC!!!!! - combat between me and Phil Slijk, each in a Lido 14, fought with bailing buckets over the length and breadth of San Diego Bay in 1974.

Because I so dominated that duel that to this day San Diego is still free of the scourge of Phil Slijk and his sister Wendy!

And if you're reading this, Phil, are you up for a rematch?