Sunday, February 6, 2011


Bob Belvedere looks at some of Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi’s recent hijinks.

Bingbing spots (or perhaps creates?) a marketing FAIL.

Maybe it’s time to cash in my retirement funds and just buy a Dodge Viper.

Arts and Ammo discusses the leftwing phenomenon of civility for me but not for thee.

kae has a music video celebrating that frequently maligned professional, the colorectal surgeon.

Is the American Hunters and Shooters Association a gun-control fifth column? Col. Milquetoast considers the evidence.


Bob Belvedere said...

I had a feeling that you would appreciate that story.

Thanks for the linky love.

bingbing said...

Ditto. Thanks for the linky love.

A high school mate's dad was a colorectal surgeon. Was looking through one of his text books or whatever it was. Damn there were some nasty photos in that one, and some pretty bloody creative procedures, too.

Mental scarring did occur however.

As for being much maligned, I think his $2000/day paycheck helped him get over the pain.

Paco said...

bing: I bet he cried all the way to the bank.

Col. Milquetoast said...

I saw a headline earlier that said "Berlusconi's Naked Pics" which I decided I didn't need to click. Fortunately it sounds like it refers other people around Berlusconi being naked and not Berlusconi himself.

bingbing said...

BTW, did you click the link? The link is the "or" word in the "Hot or not?" sentence.

Anonymous said...

Dodge Viper? Go find the WSJ article on the Cadillac CTS station wagon.